Seven native speakers, four Japanese teachers, two English speaking graduates, two English speaking Kosei High School students and over 40 Kosei Junior High School students participated in the Kosei English Summer school camp. The students were put into smaller groups of around seven people to maximize their contact with native speakers.

We all met at Takao Station and took a bus to Takaonomori Wakuwaku Village. From there, we got the students to participate in various activities, which were designed to break the ice, warm the students up and get them speaking English.

In the evening the students had the opportunity to practice an English skit.
On Thursday morning each group performed the skit with great enthusiasm and they performed very well, much better than expected. The students enjoyed each other’s performances and we felt that in the short time they had together, they improved their English as well as their teamwork skills.

Overall, the Kosei English camp was much better than last year’s camp and we look forward to making improvements so that next year’s camp is even better.