English Summer Camp7月12日(月)、13日(火)の1泊2日で、イングリッシュサマーキャンプが行われました。場所は、代々木の「国立オリンピック記念青少年総合センター」です。参加者は、中学生42名、留学生ボランティア6名、ネイティブ英語教員6名、日本人教員3名でした。



Orientation and Game
Orientation and Game
Orientation and Game

(3)Orientation and Game

1日目の夜は、事前に配布された台本をもとに、寸劇(“ Fly” ~ Soup Second Serving)の練習を行いました。明日の発表にむけて練習を重ねました。

(5)Skit : “ Fly” ~ Soup Second Serving 発表


・ I participated in the English summer camp for the first time. I was very worried. I can’t speak English very well. I exerted myself. I chose the role of the waiter in the skit we practiced and performed as a group. Unfortunately we couldn’t win the victory. But I thought it was a valuable experience. I am very thankful for teachers, staffs and everyone in my group. It was a lot of fun.

・ I was looking forward to this camp very much. I think that I was able to have confidence in English a little in this camp. I was really happy. I want to absolutely go next year.

・ I went to the summer camp for the first time. I was uneasy at first , because I am not good at English. I wondered whether it was possible to speak English easily. However, I was able to speak it in my own way. Moreover it was a happy time with the seniors and juniors. I want to go next year.

・ I think this camp was very good! I had a pleasant time there. There were many native teachers this time. So I learned a lot of English there. I was happy to join the English summer camp. I hope to go again next time.

・ It was the second time I joined the camp. I think I could speak English better this than last year. Seniors were kind to me. Meals were delicious. One thing I scared about was the ants in my room. But I had a great time. I enjoyed playing the part of the waiter in the skit. And I was so happy when I received an award of excellence. I’ll never forget it. I put the koalas, the prize, on my desk. I’ll join the camp next year, too.

・ At first we had lunch in Yoyogi Park. I talked with Dan and Iva. I enjoyed talking with them. Then we went to the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center. First we did many activities. My favorite was Caro’s one. After dinner we took a bath and practiced our skit. We practiced hard on our skit and performed the drama well. We got a best group award. I was happy. We had a nice time.

(文責 英語科主任 山室佳子)