Letters from NZNZに留学中のKGGS(特進留学コース)14期生から手紙が届きました。どのような留学生活を送っているのでしょうか?一部をご紹介します。

“The World is Wide”

I haven’t ever lived in a foreign country before. One month ago, I first attended school here. I felt that the world is wide. I have two reasons.

First, I’ll introduce some for examples of school lessons. If I get good marks on the test, I can get chocolates, also during class the teacher suddenly plays music. This is the reason the students are quiet! I didn’t see this in Japan. New Zealand is somewhat free.

Second, I’ll introduce the students. New Zealand students are very friendly. They talked to me and told me the way. Also, during the class, they study more freely than in Japan. However, they can listen quietly to the teachers speaking. Also, they ask questions to the teachers. This is great!

For these reasons, I realized the word is wide and has many different perspectives. Now I think Japanese schools should help students become more active than now.



(文責:担任 崎山)