Letters from NZNZに留学中のKGGS(特進留学コース)14期生から手紙が届きました。どのような留学生活を送っているのでしょうか?一部をご紹介します。

“My school life”

If someone asks, “Do you like your school?” to me, I will answer “Of course”. Sacred Heart Girls’ College (SHGC) is a very good school. I still remember my first school day. I was very nervous and I was worried about my school life. However, these problems were solved quickly. I will introduce two good points of my school.

First, it is about the people. All teachers are kind to me. If I have problems, they help me and think of good ways to solve them with me. Not only the teachers are kind, but also the students are kind, too. Before I came to New Zealand I had a bit of a scary image of a foreign school because in some overseas dramas, there is bullying and flashy students. However, in fact, it’s not true at my school. They’re friendly and cheerful. When I made a mistake with the classroom, a student took me to the correct classroom and she talked to me gently and made me feel relaxed.

Next, my school has many kinds of subjects, so we can choose the subjects which we want to learn. For example, there is drama, music, history, food, science, math, accounting, digital technology, photography, religious education, PE, tourism, ESOL, French, and Maori. We can learn different subjects from in Japan. That’s interesting for me. Especially, I like Food Technology class. In this class, we can cook once a week or more and we will have a cupcake competition next term so we’re thinking of our original designs by ourselves. It’s so exciting!

I can experience these things which I couldn’t in Japan so learning at school in New Zealand is good for me!



(文責:担任 崎山)