Letters from NZNZに留学中のKGGS(特進留学コース)14期生から手紙が届きました。どのような留学生活を送っているのでしょうか?一部をご紹介します。

“My Host Family”

My host family is kind, funny and lovely, so I’d like to introduce them and I’ll tell you about what’s happened with my host family during the last two months.

First, I’m going to talk about my host family. There are four people in my host family. Host father, host mother, host sister and host brother. My host sister became a university student this year. Her school is in Palmerston North, New Zealand, so she stays there now. My host brother is a good boy. I think he wants to know Japanese. This is because he often asks me, “How do you say good morning in Japanese?”, “How do you say hello in Japanese?” and so on. He always says “Thank you for the meal.” and “Good night.” in Japanese. My host parents are so kind and funny. They always make jokes and make me smile. When I cooked curry and rice, my host family were greatly pleased. Also, I baked green tea cookies. They were happy to eat them, so I also was really happy.

Second, I’d like to talk about one happening with my host family. I play basketball at my school after school. The training take place until 5 o’clock, so I have to use a public bus to go home. However, my host parents often pick me up. One day, I had an international event in Napier town after school. Nevertheless, my phone ran out of battery, so I couldn’t call my host father. I used the public bus and I went back home. There was my host father at home, and I was told by him, “I was really, really worried.” I didn’t know that and my feeling became that I’m so sorry. When I apologized again, my host father said “That’s ok! Today’s dinner is stew. Oh, you don’t like it?” He said a joke and made me smile. I was so happy because he was very worried for me. I want to be careful that it won’t happen again.

Therefore, my host family are so great. I already love them. I’d like to spend a brilliant time with them before I go back Japan.



(文責:担任 崎山)