Letters from NZNZに留学中のKGGS(特進留学コース)14期生から手紙が届きました。どのような留学生活を送っているのでしょうか?一部をご紹介します。

“A Great Host Family”

About one month ago, I realized that I love my host family. Before I came to New Zealand, I was little bit worried about my host family. This is because, I love my real family in Japan and I thought I might become homesick. Moreover, the house was so far from school so I had to use a bus every day. My mother and father cheered me up about my host family and told me that I can get used to them easily.

However, they are a really active family. For example, they go out to do some sports if they have the opportunity to, even if it’s a school day. At first it made me very tired. This is because my real family in Japan wasn’t like them. I used to relax on weekends. Though doing activities was a great experience for me, my body couldn’t follow the pace. However, I didn’t became homesick. The reason why I didn’t was the good care of my host mum. Even though she has school, she sent me e-mails and her sister came to the house and made lunch for me when I was sick. I could have time to meet others. These days, my body became used to their life style and I am able to do new activities with them. Fortunately, I love doing sports and moving. I think this family is perfect for me!



(文責:担任 崎山)