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Students can use their research skills, global knowledge and English skills to pave the way to university.

The world of university admissions is changing fast. However, at Kosei we are keeping ahead of these changes. Our students already use their research skills, English skills and global knowledge on the path to university entrance.

How SG class students prepare for university entrance by recommendation

SG class students are given thorough support regarding university entrance by recommendation. First they study the admission policies and requirements for entrance by recommendation of various national and elite universities. They then choose several schools that they are interested in and compare the requirements further. Only after doing so do they decide on the schools they wish to apply for.
Our teachers analyze the latest data regarding each university’s admission requirements. They then provide one to one admissions counselling tailored to each student’s own individual needs.

Carefully considering the reasons behind each student’s choice
We help each student to find a research centre where they can study what they truly want to learn.
Students also consider their choice from the perspective of how they wish to contribute to society in the future.
Compiling their application forms
Students contemplate their past, present and future and the path that links them together.
Students submit their fieldwork research reports (in both English and Japanese.)
Preparing for interviews and essay tests
Students learn to tell their own life story in a logical way.
Students further develop their ability to discuss social issues with true insight.
Acceptance to university
The students now stand at a new start line.
Instruction regarding strategies for AO enrolment with the homeroom teacher
These third year high school students are researching and analyzing the admissions policies of the universities they hope to attend.
These third year high school students are researching and analyzing the admissions policies of the universities they hope to attend.
Examples of SG class students who have been accepted to university through the recommendation process
T National University’s requirements for entrance by recommendation:
● For the student to have carried out a research investigation on an international theme.
● For the student to have engaged in inter-cultural communication activities.
● For the student to possess strong communication skills.
● For the student to have developed strong problem solving skills.
● For the student to have a strong knowledge of international issues.
● For the student to submit an “Activities Report” detailing how they have met the above criteria.
● For the student’s academic ability to be at or above the level of the university’s academic entrance criteria.
J Private University’s requirements for entrance by recommendation
1. A self-PR statement
2. A 2000 character report on the theme:
“State one international issue that you have an awareness of. Please explain what this issue involves. Please discuss in detail how, in order to understand and solve this issue, the local and global perspectives should be considered.”

University entrance by recommendation and by entrance examination

Japan’s university admissions process is changing dramatically. Here at Kosei, we have adapted early, with impressive results. Some students are even taking on the challenge of attending university abroad.

Paths taken by the SG class 1st intake students
Admission by recommendation
A number of students were awarded places at prestigious national and private universities through the recommendation system. All of these students were able to use their international experiences and research skills during this process.
Paths taken by the SG class 1st intake students
Admission through entrance examinations
Other students gained admission to university through entrance examinations. These students were able to use the skills they gained through our classes and afterschool workshops to achieve impressive results. They especially shone in the tests that required all four English skills.
Universities our students were accepted to through the recommendation process
National Universities
  • The University of Tsukuba, School of Nursing (Open recommendation)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan University, School of Economics and Business Administration (AO admission for the development of global citizens)
Private Universities
  • Sophia University, Faculty of Global Studies (Open recommendation)
  • Meiji University, School of Political Science and Economics (Special global admissions process)
  • Chuo University, Faculty of Global Management (Special admission process for students with advanced English skills)
  • Rikkyo University, College of Business, College of Contemporary Psychology, College of Community and Human Services (Free selection admissions process)
  • Tsuda University, Department of International and Cultural Studies (AO)
  • Showa Women’s University, Faculty of International Studies, School of English Communication (AO)
  • Seijo University, Faculty of Social Innovation (AO)
Main institutions students were accepted to through entrance examinations
National Universities
  • Hokkaido University, Faculty of Law
  • Chiba University, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (including an English interview)
Private Universities
  • Keio University, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
  • Sophia University, Department of Nursing
  • Meiji University, School of Business Administration (using TEAP)
  • Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Shirayuri University, School of Literature
  • Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), College of International Management (APM)
And more…