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Actively engage in your own research!

What is a research project?

Each student chooses their own theme to investigate and creates their own research plan. Students identify both domestic and international issues. They then develop their problem solving skills by researching possible solutions. Finally, they prepare a report detailing their findings.


Students compiling their reports in our school’s Global Centre

What is fieldwork?

Fieldwork is the process of carrying out research outside the classroom. Students learn to collect information themselves without relying on the Internet. Examples of fieldwork include: interviews, questionnaires, observations and case studies.

Students carrying out interviews at a Thai NGO

Students carrying out interviews at a Thai NGO

The Research Process

Choosing a theme
Develop a research question and hypothesis
Investigate previous research
Decide on the methodology
Research Activities
Literature review
Internet based research
Compilation of the Results
Data analysis
Report writing
In-class presentations
Presentation in front of the whole school at our “Research Presentation Session.”

Examples of Previous Themes

The Karen Marriage System in Thailand:

Are Karen marriage traditions dying out?

The succession of traditions in a Karen village in Thailand:

Does receiving higher education help to preserve traditions?

Psychotherapy for PTSD in Thailand:

To what extent do Thai NGOs offer support for children being abused in terms of mental healthcare?