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Kosei Girls are Global!Our students continue to win prizes at both domestic and international competitions!

Since I entered this high school, the way I view the world has suddenly expanded. I want to share what we have experienced and the research we have carried out, with as many people as possible.
Aika Tokuhisa (Super Global Class)

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What is an SGH?

A Super Global High School (SGH) is a school that has been recognized by the government for its strong focus on fostering the skills needed by future global leaders. In 2014, we were among the first 246 high schools across Japan to become a designated SGH.

Our research theme is:
“The furthering of peace in multi-ethnic societies through fieldwork”


Our students carry out fieldwork research on a topic of their choice to investigate how we can build societies where people from different ethnic backgrounds can live together peacefully. Students visit several countries to gain a firsthand understanding of the situations faced by different groups.